Arlene’s Repair Estimate is in!

So the Estimate is here!

Unit #1Unit #2Unit #3
Painting, incl. Cabinets450Drywall Repair85Painting, incl. Cabinets700
Blinds130Painting, incl. Cabinets600Blinds218
Broken closet door45Repair Cabinets74Broken closet door35
Light Bulbs, Air Filter, Flapper, Smoke Detector65Kitchen Faucet220Light Bulbs, Air Filter, Flapper, Smoke Detector65
Caulk Bathroom150Blinds150Resurface bathroom sink75
Sink Drain and P-Trap75Broken closet door45Caulk Bathroom130
Exterior Light15Caulk Bathroom150Toilet Seat35
Kitchen Faucet130Resurface bathroom sink150Exterior Light15
Carpet150Tub Stopper/Towel Bar35Carpet Install150
Clean130Light Bulbs, Air Filter, Flapper, Smoke Detector65Replace closet door75
Total:1340Carpet180Kitchen Faucet220
Unit #4Exterior Work
Drywall Repair50Paint Laundry Room150
Painting, incl. Cabinets600Repair loose hand rail85
Kitchen Countertop850Total:235
Kitchen Hood120
Outlet Covers/Smoke Detectors30
Kitchen Cabinets45
Repair hallway door35
Kitchen Faucet220
Sliding Closet Door180
Hot/Cold Angle Stop, p-traps140
Shower Cartridges150
Caulk Bathroom120
Resurface bathroom sink75
Light Bulbs, Air Filter, Flapper, Smoke Detector50

I wish there was a better way to present that information. But I think I did a pretty good job on listing

smoke detector (05-04-08)
sun dazed / Foter / CC BY-SA

the work that needs to be done when I did my original walkthru!  The news is that when the Partner Comes out next week they will be bringing one of our very trusted handyman whom we will be able to get a lot cheaper by paying a daily labor charge instead of the $65 to put in “Light Bulbs, Air Filter, Flapper, Smoke Detector”;  Seriously?

I also noticed that I was pretty accurate when I did my cost projecting for painting and remodel in the Zavala Apartment.  $500-$600 for painting, drywall repairs.  And While I haven’t gotten to doing the sinks and bathrooms in Zavala, I expect that Faucet/Sink costs of $220 is a pretty good.

So here’s the breakdown:

Carpet Cleaning660


Not that we are being cheap, but we know our Handiman is out of work and a good week of  him down here lets us save money and actually work side by side with him as we work on the apartments.  Hands-on is going to be the goal with the first one, and so we have a little bit of work planned.

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