Exciting Investing Weekend

Well this weekend is going to be the whirlwind in investing fun for me.  My planned activities:

Thursday: Mastermind Dinner!

Fire in the palm of my hand

I received an invitation to the REIC Mastermind group. It had been one of my goals to get invited to the group it validates the, “You are not a wanna-be, but an actual investor” stigma.  I was hoping to get some networking done but it was more of a round table discussion.  We talked about our properties, and we talked about some of our failures.  It was pretty interesting to attend the meeting.  Only one of the attendees is actively working on a deal.  It seems that he is very interested in commercial real estate, and alternate investing strategies.  Seems he is working on Motel Deals.  I’ve got a guy for that, I think I’ll call him tonight.

Friday: Day of Rest.

Today I rest, well not really.  Today I let the J.O.B. rule my life, and work me like a dog.


Saturday: REIC regular club meeting.


The speaker looks interesting but not applicable to the membership at large: The topic Robert will be talking about is the 7 New Rules how make this year your best year in real estate!
I know that most of the attendees are not investors.  But maybe they will find the motivation to make it this year.  One of the things I hadn’t considered until last night, is that this type of class is going to bring out some of the investors who avoid going to the regular club meeting.  That could add a whole new dimension to the meeting,  My goal for this meeting is to gather information about the local banks investors are using; and get investor grade contacts (contractors, inspectors, cleaning crews, landscapers, etc…)

Sunday: Arlene walk-thru

The partner took on most of the responsibility of the rehab as I worked the J.O.B. this last 12 days. Sunday I will get my chance to see the finished product (and take pictures to share). I’m extremely interested in seeing the finished product.  Making sure the color scheme worked, and just being impressed by the work that got done.


The whole week is leading up to this day.  It the first sit down for the $1MM Deal!  That’s right, it’s time to bring the parts of the puzzle together and see how this bad boy is going to work out!


Overall it’s a busy REI weekend, and it’s surprising that so many things got lumped together in the same weekend.  But you know when it rains it pours and we should be expecting it to be even more busy the busier we are.

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