Goal Checklist of 2012 — How did I do?

In 2011 I made a change, I moved outside of my comfort zone, and made drastic changes to my life.  I made a move from Seattle, Wa to Las Vegas Nv.  After a 9 months of analysis paralysis, I drew up goals for 2012 to break that cycle and move forward.  Dammit did it work!  I’ve officially become a real estate investor I am working on multiple avenues of wealth building.  It was like a dam that broke open and let all the water gushing out.  Here are the goals:

J.O.B. Goals:

  • Move-out of Daily Operations into Upper Management      –50% Complete

I took the first step out of daily operations and into Upper Management by climbing one rung up the ladder into a Training Role for the company.  But because of certain staffing changes I had to move from the location that I was managing to the “hell-hole” of the company so that I can turn it around.  That’s me Mr. Fixit.

  • Advise Company on Social Media Policy                               — FAIL

While we had some discussions about it.  Nothing moved forward.  The company has made an advancement forward in Social Media but has not leveraged it at all.

  • Average a $900/mo bonus                                                       — FAIL

This is the one that gets me.  I continue to face troubled locations which require a lot of fixing and those stores simply do not afford themselves to creating opportunities to earn the high bonus potential that an experienced person like me deserves or should be at.


Financial Goals:

  • Continue a 20% Savings Rate                                                 — FAIL

My savings have not grown at all.  There are many reasons why I was not able to save like I was hoping to this last year.  A lot of out-of-pocket costs for the real estate deals; a couple thousand dollars for home inspections and work on Zavala.

  • Retirement Savings: 5% of Salary to IRA and 5% to 401(k)  — FAIL

Ugh.  I failed to even set up the 401(k) this last year, and have not put another penny into the IRA.   Of course I do have a plan for moving this boulder next year.

  • Close on 3 Rental Properties in 2012

Finally we’ve got some good news in our checklist.  Of course a lot of the other goals were pushed to the side to get this one to table.  But we closed on three Rental Properties in 2012.  Which of course is the subject of this blog and if you’ve been reading the blog you are familiar with the three properties: Hopkins, Arlene, and Zavala!


  • Purchase a new Car                                                       — FAIL

I have not gotten around to getting a new car yet.  It is still on the list of things to do.  It’s not that I need the car, the Taurus is running well (mostly) and it only has 140k miles on it.  I am not looking for anything fancy a 2005 something would work for me.  I just need something a little older so that I can open up a new line of credit to move my credit score.

  • Raise Credit Score to 650                                              — FAIL

While I cleared up a lot of items off the credit report, I do not have enough ‘history’ or open accounts to raise the score higher.  There is one negative comment that has reappeared on the report and I’ll be looking at that.  But after so many years of having a trashed credit history it becomes difficult to get back into credit.  Can’t build credit if you don’t have credit.  The Secured Credit Card helped and balancing my credit utilization score helped too.

Personal Goals:

  • Average 55-60 hour work weeks rather than 65-70   –FAIL

This is one that I keep hoping to get done.  I was working down to 55-65 hours a week at one point, and then I took a transfer to another location and my hours skyrocketed to 80-90 hrs a week.  It’s the curse of the industry.  And the fact that I am the guy who turns locations around.  It simply requires a longer work week.

  • Take Two Trips to Seattle (Feb/Aug)

I made a trip up in February for a weekend.  Had some stuff to take care of with the cars so that I could get them registered here in Nevada.  Flew in, met with my buddy, stayed at his place for the weekend.  Just kind of got out Vegas for the weekend.  Then again in July I made the annual camping trip.  I took the entire week off and spent the week hanging out in Seattle and then the weekend camping.  With all that I still got a couple of days in Santa Cruz when my grandmother passed away in august.  So all in all, I’d say I got just the right amount of traveling down this year.

  • Become more Sociable this yearCheck

2011 was a pretty hermit-like year for me.  I didn’t go out and do things.  However in 2012 I met some interesting people, went out on a couple of dates.  I’d say I was more sociable in 2012 than I was in 2011 but it’s still not where I’d like to be with getting out and hanging out with people.  It is a sacrifice I am making to focus on getting the business off the ground.  At the same time I’d like to find the right balance between business and  being social.

  • Start BloggingCheck

Hey, you probably wouldn’t have read this checklist if I hadn’t started doing this.  I’ve had a couple of start/stalls on starting to blog.  I have tried to write different blogs.  They have come and gone, and none have really stayed around.  My goal should have been more defined than this.  But I get another check mark.


  • Join a GymCheck

This is actually one of those goals that I never thought I’d get around to accomplishing.  I’ve been talking about getting into shape every year for ever.  And I just kept putting off and off, and we all know how that goes.  When you start looking at the habits of highly successful people you notice that they build their schedules and they make time for the workouts.  When I decided to do it, I made sure I made a commitment.  A financial one!  It was $1000 gym membership.  That’s something that kept me going to the gym.  I lost 15 lbs, and am feeling better than I have in a long time.

  • Become a Goal Oriented PersonCheck

It’s been easier to set smaller goals for myself and getting things done.  I’d say getting 5/14 of my goals accomplished this year has made me a more Goal Oriented Person.  Which gives me 6/14!  Woohoo!  I learned quite a bit about how to set goals, how to determine goals, and how to motivate myself to follow those goals.



For 2012: 6/14 is not too bad of a set of goals.  I missed a couple of Financial planning goals either because I was to ambitious or naïve.  Was it realistic to save 20% of my salary in the same year that I was planning on aggressively purchasing real estate?  Well I had thought that I was going to be more organized with the finances and use real estate earmarked accounts instead of coming out pocket.  Which is what happened (oh, and I spent the earmarked accounts!)  I figure when I do my taxes this year that these costs are going to amount 10-15% of my annual salary.  When you add-on to that large tab that I was trying to save 30% (20% savings, and 10% to retirement) I probably was not thinking very clearly.   Add on to that I was setting goals that were counter to this:  Be More Social (requiring going out!), Buy a New Car (EXPENSE!), Join a Gym (EXPENSE!).  Lesson Learned.  Thanks.

J.O.B. goals went mostly un-accomplished this year, but conversations in the end of 2012 seem to be building to the same goals in 2013.  I think my foundation I set in ’11 was not as strong as it needed to be to get me up the ladder last year.  The situation with the company has changed a little this year and conversations have been about climbing the next rung in quarter 1 of 2013.  On both of my two advancement goals actually.

That’s how I did in 2012.  How about you?  Did you set goals?  Did you check them off your list?  How did you do?  Talking about your goals helps keep them in your mind, and helps other people, help you stay accountable for those goals.

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