Hopkins: Tenant Move-Out!

Yesterday I got a chance to meet with Mr. Property Manager at the Hopkins property and walk through one of the units that was occupied when we purchased the property.  Apparently the tenant had been there for years.  And Mr. Property Manager could have pushed them out.  Argh!

Hopkins was our only property that was at 100% occupancy.  Oh well.  The life of a landlord huh?  Well that’s okay.  Our walkthru showed years of neglect on this unit.  (If I get the photos as promised from Mr. Property Manager) I’ll post them here:

  • Carpet is  super dirty (Maybe it could be saved, but probably better to replace)
  • The Tiles in the Bathrooms (near the faucets) are mildewed out
  • There’s no Concrete Board Behind the Faucets
  • A Bedroom door has a hole in it
  • The HVAC filter hasn’t been replaced in at least a year
  • It was left filthy
  • Peeling Paint where the roof leaked
  • Vinyl in both Bathrooms is peeling back and nasty.

Of course it’s mostly a move out job except for the Bathroom/Flooring issue.  I told Mr. Property Manager that we need pest control, and not to worry about doing any other work on the unit.  When the Partner comes out in January we will decide what we want to do, and see how far we have gotten along in getting our new rental program rolled out.

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