It’s Alive!

It’s almost been a full year since my last post. A lot has happened in that time, and I’m finding myself inspired again to get back to basics, hold myself accountable and start tracking my progress again!

I’ve moved states, I’ve switched companies twice, and am now working like I was back in Las Vegas, too many hours and not enough compensation. Heck I’m even living in a hotel again, in a place where it is 100+ degree’s and there is not a whole lot to do… Vegas. Without all the fun times of being in Vegas.

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For proper disclosure, let’s take a look at my 2013 goals and where I fell, and what my goals are for the next 4 months:


J.O.B. Goals:

  • Move-out of Daily Operations into Upper Management
  • — Accomplished

  • Advise Company on Social Media Policy
  • — Accomplished

  • Average a $900/mo bonus This will not carry over, focus on advancement not money.
  • — Unaccomplished

Nothing exciting there so we’ll move quickly on to the next small set of goals, my personal goals.

Personal Goals:

  • Two Trips to Seattle   (Pretty Attainable!)
  • — In 2013 I made it to Seattle 4 Times! Accomplished.

  • Go out on Dates
  • — Yes! Indeed. Those are some stories to tell.

  • Write 3-4  MyPath Blog Posts a Week
  • — Unaccomplished

  • Be Able to Swim an Aquatic Mile in 20 Minutes.
  • — Unaccomplished

These are continuations of my development in 2012, and should keep me on the right trajectory to become a more rounded person in 2013.


In 2013 I want to double the amount of doors that I have, so that I can have Salary Substitution/Replacement.   I will do that by purchasing 3 more 4-plexes, 1 each in Q2, Q3, and Q4, I will use current cash flow and the refinancing of properties in Q3 to acquire these properties.

— Unaccomplished. We actually sold one and are down to 8 on our door count!

Purchase 2 Mobile Homes in 2013 with my IRA fund, spending less than $10k total on the two, and generating $450/month in cash from the owner financing on the homes.

— Unaccomplished

In 2013 close a successful deal with C.B. to build a lasting business relationship that will catapult my REI career ahead of my goals.  Work with G.P.  & C.B. to do the Million Dollar Deal.

— Unaccomplished / Abandoned. I Found out what G.P. really was before I got into a deal with him. Still looking to do something with C.B. but I know I need a better track record

Simple.  But I need simple goals to help master the more difficult ones.

I will put a crisp $100 bill in an envelope every friday.  When the envelope has $1100 I will use that as a down payment to buy a car. I will use financing to get the car and hold the account open for 24 months before paying off the car.  

— Accomplished! A little later than planned, but I financed a new car in December of 2013!

Last year I waited till the very last-minute to file taxes.  And that is why I failed to fund my IRA contribution for 2011.  I want to file my taxes so that I can fund 2012 and 2013.  To do that I need to have received my return before April 15th.

— Unaccomplished. Me and taxes don’t like each other.

So all in all not a bad year. JOB wise pretty successful. Investing-wise. Not quite. Tomorrow, I’ll post my Investing goals for the rest of the year, and what I am currently working on!

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