Las Vegas Real Estate Meetings: June Edition

Last week was a great week for meetings here in Las -Vegas, and it was one of those rare ones whereMeetings are sometimes held around conference could spend most of the week going to meetings and not actually getting anything done!  I unfortunately only attended the two below.  There are great differences between the two meetings even though they both meet the same Social Networking parameters.  Amazingly enough there were only 3 of us who attended both meetings.  This is probably a good situation, I mean if we are all at the same meetings then what value are we going to gain?

I think there are only two people who have or actively attend all the meetings in Las Vegas.  Even though it seems as if the clubs work not to schedule on the same dates as each other.  I find networking and the social connections that arise from these meetings incredibly interesting. Of the 10 attendees at the BPMeetup only 1 of them was new to the meeting.  Of the BE Connected Meeting fully half of the people were new or very infrequent attendees.

There are more differences between the two meetings then there are similarities. Here’s a run-down of those and why they are valuable for an investor to recognize and gain value:

BP Meetup:

  • Announced Once on and sometimes on BP
  • Organized with a Specific Topic/Speaker and an Agenda
  • Quiet Separate Room for Meeting
    • Meeting Space is Controlled, everyone is served half-way through the meeting
    • Standard Pricing and Menu
  • Discussion is suggested and directed by the organizer but allowed to wander
  • Members engage in lively debate with dissenting views
  • Run and Organized by a Vendor (Property Manager and Member of the BP Community)


  • Members are in an educational mode. They are willing to learn, give and get advice
  • Lively debate and discussion.  There are a million ways to get a deal done and you are going to hear a different take of a way to finish off a deal here

BE Connected:

  • Multiple Meetup Notices and Email sent to notify members of meetings
  • No Topic of conversation/debate
  • Sometimes private room, sometimes more public restaurant dining area
    • Waiter is often hard to get for service
    • Members eat at different time
  • Members focused on Networking and Meeting people, and talking about personal holding
  • Run and Organized by a Member of an REI Networking group


  • Networking.  If you are a wholesaler looking to make a buyers list, this is the place its looser and you can make a better connections with investors.
  • Less intimidating for a newbie. Not lots of CAP rate this, or IRR discussions or legalities of this or that’s.

What’s great about having so many meeting types available in Las Vegas is that there is no best type of meeting.  Or even a meeting that you should definitely be at!  One needs to evaluate their goals and what they want to get out of their networking time that month.  I’d probably be one of the few people to attend all the meetings.  I’m a trainer and a network-er, I believe I can learn from other people better than from reading, or teaching.  It’s just a shame that the 9-5 keeps me busy on the weekends and during the week so that I can’t attend the other meetings as often as I would like. It’s probably a good idea for investors to at least be at or attend each of these meetings to find out which one provides the best value to them individually.

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