Meeting Stats for this last week

High Above the Busy Little One Way

I love doing these evaluations, and getting to know how a group is built. However they do take time and often I need to do them immediately after the meeting to make sure I don’t forget attendees.

The first meeting I went to in Santa Jose was huge, probably 50-60 people, and there was no way I was going to be able to break them down.  Well.  I could, and probably will next time, but I wasn’t thinking about it that night.

Nov 19th Meeting — The Santa Cruz Real Estate Investors Association

An interesting group of people.  Older, much less risk averse.  A couple of them had properties during the boom times and then they got out (probably too late).  And a stat I hadn’t had to deal with, two of the members owned serial interest in larger properties.

Biggerpockets San Francisco Meeting:

I Love BP Meetups!  They are people who are less guarded and already feel at ease with each other.  We had a resounding conversations about whether you should be using the 50% rule as a guiding light in the Bay Area.

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