Nov 14th: New State

I’ve been busy this week.  Let’s recap with a quick bullet list since the last update on the 7th!

  • Nov 7th: – I accomplished almost all of my goals –
    • I ran out of paint for the second closet, and did not get the rubber bumpers on.
    • Oh, and I failed to pack up and move.
    • I met with “Mobile Home Princess”
  • Nov 8th: – PACKING DAY!  I rolled out of bed at 4am and began to pack my apartment and get everything loaded up in the trailer.  4pm rolled around and I began driving out of town.  I was making good time for the first 20 minutes, and roughly 60 miles outside of Las Vegas, the trailer killed my car.  A quick tow back to Vegas, and some planning scrambling got me set for the 9th.
  • The 9th! After getting a new truck, going out to get my stuff off the freeway, and going back to town to get my car, blah blah blah, I finally got on the road and headed out of town at high noon.  I did not get in to Santa Cruz until 10:30 at night!  And was greeted by family.
  • 10 Days of November, had led me to a day of rest.  I didn’t even bother to unpack all of my stuff.  I just let it sit, and soaked in the epic achievement of moving, and chasing after my dreams.
  • 11th: I Spent Veterans day reflecting on where my path to real estate wealth has taken me.  Evaluating the things I’ve done in the past to get me where I am today, and how each mile I’ve driven is a milestone I’ve reached.
  • 12th:  After 5 days of little to no Real Estate work it was time to get busy.  I had laid out my schedule on Monday and knew that there was a meeting in San Jose on the 12th.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was great.  Met some awesome new Investors, got talking about Real Estate, and drank a real Microbrew!
  • 13th:
    • I attended a Toastmasters International meeting because I want to raise my speaking ability to the next level.  I want to be more comfortable talking to people, and be more persuasive. It was an amazing hour.
    • On my way back I stopped in at a Realtor Office to get some low down on the market and left with a bunch of listings. And not quite the understanding I wanted to have.  But a better idea I guess.
    • Talked to a 1031 QI – had some questions answered and a couple dreams crushed,
    • Dealt with the water being turned off at Hopkins – Go Property Manager for not doing your job.
    • Arraigned for the Appraiser to get into Zavala today.


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