Nov 1st, the first of Thirty

It’s been awhile since I posted, and I am trying to do a life-hack called the “Chain” to get back into better Habits. To kick that off, this month I will be posting Daily To-do’s and Goals for My Path To Real Estate Wealth, and following up the next day with the Accomplishments, and new set of Daily Goals.


  1. Meet with “Haole”
  2. Email “Amerix” in regards to the Hotel Deal from way back when
  3. Email “Crown” about his Investors and to reconnect from last night
  4. Finish the Floor on Master Bath at Hopkins
  5. Finish Painting Living Room at Hopkins
  6. Talk to Partner about Section 8 Findings

As you can see we still have not sold our properties yet, so we are exploring different options, now my best thought is to get some HELOC’s on them. I’d rather go that route than doing a refinance because our terms are so great, and we’d have to pay points, and we wouldn’t be able to get our terms back. Now to find a lender to do HELOCs.

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