Nov 2nd: The month continues

Here’s Yesterdays TO-DO List:

  1. Meet with “Haole”
  2. I met with “Haole” for lunch. It was a great conversation we talked back and forth about our goals, where we’ve come from and where we want to go. He’s got a hunger for doing more deals. I look forward to working more with him.

  3. Email “Amerix” in regards to the Hotel Deal from way back when
  4. Sent an email to “Amerix” and got a reply. Not quite the reply I was hoping for. When he didn’t have the contact information I went to the other people whom I knew were involved in some of these hotel deals earlier this year. Have not heard back from any of them.

  5. Email “Crown” about his Investors and to reconnect from last night
  6. Sent an email to him at 9am this morning. Have not received any information back. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed in this fact.

  7. Finish the Floor on Master Bath at Hopkins
  8. There are only 2 Vinyl tiles left. I forgot that I had to stop the leak on the toilet before I finished the floor.

  9. Finish Painting Living Room at Hopkins
  10. I painted the two bedrooms instead.

  11. Talk to Partner about Section 8 Findings
  12. Yes, we had a lovely conversation yesterday morning at 9:30am about all the topics that we needed to cover.

Wow. Seems like yesterday was pretty productive day. Got a lot of things done, and kept in contact with a lot of people. The key to REI is RELATIONSHIPS! You never know who or what is going to bring you your next deal. Which is why we always keep in contact with people and touch base every now and again. Make an effort to meet with your network I’d say about once a quarter, and send them an email once a month. Keep the relationship fresh!

  1. Email “Apartment Guy”
  2. Drop a Thank You Email off to “Haole”
  3. Fix bolts in the toilet to stop the leak at Hopkins
  4. Finish the last 2 tiles in the Master bedroom
  5. Remove the Vinyl flooring in second bathroom
  6. Finish repairing wall in second bathroom

I had hoped to have gotten out of Vegas by Monday. But it’s starting to look like it may not happen. Tuesday might be in the cards but with the damage I found in the 2nd bathroom at Hopkins today I’m not sure if I am going to make that happen either!Wall Damage


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