Nov 4th; Manic Monday!

Let’s see how I did yesterday:

  1. Email “Apartment Guy”
  2. This item is from Saturday, heard back from him! One of his deals fell through, and he’s closing on the 19th on a large one. But he points out the strategy that cost him a deal. It’s an interesting thought to store for later. He says, “The OKC rehab was slated for us, and the first lienholder agreed to the shortsale as did the second. However, someone approached the second and offered them a JV deal where they would retrieve their principle and blew the deal.”

  3. Fix bolts in the toilet to stop the leak at Hopkins
  4. I guess older toilets have these rubber sheaths for the bolts. I did not know this. And was wondering why my new bolt kit did not come with the rubber sheath. Being afraid it was the sheath that was leaking, I did not do this, and when I went to Home Depot, apparently, I shouldn’t be worried about the sheath leaking.

  5. Finish the last 2 tiles in the Master bedroom
  6. As always this is dependent on fixing the leak

  7. Remove the Vinyl flooring in second bathroom
  8. DONE! It took me all day in hour-long increments to get done, but by golly cross this one-off the TO-DO list!

  9. Paint Master Bathroom
  10. I had to put on some wall texture, and did not get this done

  11. Paint Second Bathroom
  12. Like the Master Bathroom, I had to put texture on the wall and did not get this done.


What did I get done? Well I used up the last of the flat paint for the living areas, and finished trimming the living areas. I textured the walls of both bathrooms, and taped most of them up. I finished removing that crap from the floor! I put in a full 8 hours yesterday and I’m hoping that the productivity ball starts rolling.


  1. Fix bolts in the toilet to stop the leak at Hopkins
  2. Install the Toilet Kit at the same time
  3. Finish the last 2 tiles in the Master bedroom
  4. Finish Trim
  5. Paint 1/2 of Master Bathroom
  6. Email “Apartment Guy” back and let him know where I am at
  7. Email questions to prospective Property Manager
  8. Meeting with “Haole” & “The Teacher”
  9. Super8 REIA Meeting

Huh, going through all my tags looking for what I may have called “The Teacher” before I was surprised not to see a tag for him. Anyways, a Little background about “The Teacher”. He’s one of the few active investors that has made the REIA rounds. We’ve met for coffee once, and emailed a lot. But he’s the guy at the meetings whose always willing to help wholesalers find the right way to get a deal done. He wants DEALS! And no-one is bringing deals to the table in Las Vegas. At least to the REIA’s! The “Haole” commented on this too during our meeting on Friday.

WHOLESALERS! WHERE ARE YOU!?! WE’VE GOT $$! – I used my J.O.B. as an excuse not to become a wholesaler here. But when I move I’m going to network crazy like to see if there are any wholesalers so I can start flipping, but my thought is, I will have to develop my marketing engine when I move to get deals.

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