Nov 6: Rent Reporting Day!

Wow, yesterday was an incredible day! I accomplished a lot of things, and yet felt like I didn’t get enough done. I feel rushed every day as I try to move. It’s irritating that I continue to underestimate how much time it is taking me to get things done. But at the same time I’m really accomplishing a lot. A thread came up at Bigger Pockets about what did you do today? Well I recapped my accomplishments from yesterday.

  1. Master Bathroom Vinyl
  2. I knew I wasn’t going to get to this one. But that’s okay I own that!

  3. Paint the Trim
  4. Holy Crap this took me forever! It took all freaking day to do. But it’s done.

  5. Second coat of paint/Touch up both bathrooms
  6. Yup, Done!

  7. Seal the grout, both bathrooms
  8. I re-read the instructions, and decided I had to hit Home Depot

  9. Second coat of paint/Touch Up the rest of the Apt
  10. I did some touch up, by may need to do more today

  11. Paint the Kitchen
  12. YES!

  13. Tile the Washer/Dryer area
  14. Nope! Dammit I was ambitious!

  15. The Toilet & Toilet Seats
  16. Nope! Dammit I was ambitious!

  17. Email “Kacy” – Up and coming wholesaler/Lease Optioner meet at Super8 last night
  18. We had a couple emails worth of conversation, I’ll not keep it as intense as I did yesterday but I thought through a plan to work with her.

  19. Email “Mobile Home Princess” whom I met last night at the Super8
  20. Did and received an email back asking to meet tomorrow. I was surprised to see she didn’t get back to me yesterday. She may not be as motivated as I thought she might be.

  21. Email “Le Flipper” and make contact.
  22. Yah, he shot me back a reply. Of course I thought to myself, I really should have invited him for a beer the other night and kept him talking.

I also got an email from another investor saying he got a lead on some multiples. I assume that means some sort of -plex type building. He’s looked at a couple of properties, but I sent him back this email:

I can definitely take a look at them. But here’s the deal, because I know you need to pull the trigger and need a kick in the butt I will evaluate them with you, but I won’t pull the trigger unless we do it together as a JV. And it’s not just for you either, I came to a conclusion that I work better with partners and need to start working with others to get to where I want to be, or I’ll sit on the sidelines almost too late.

I often wonder about my grammar checking. But we will see what he has to say about all of that today.
Lets get on with it then:

  1. Seal Bathroom grout
  2. Vinyl Tile – Master Bathroom
  3. Vinyl Tile – Second Bathroom
  4. Vinyl Tile – Washer/Dryer Area
  5. Seal Tub
  6. Put on Rubber Bumper
  7. Paint Door
  8. New Door Handles
  9. Toilet Seats
  10. Put Outlet Covers on
  11. Clean Up apartment
  12. Email Prospective Property Manager
  13. Email Kacy – only once today

Another ambitious day today. But you’ve got to push yourself to succeed, right? Oh also, make sure rents have been paid!

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