Nov 7th: Last day in Vegas

So all of this TO-Do stuff has led up to, today. My last day in Las Vegas, before I move to Santa Cruz, Ca and embark on the next part of “my path to real estate wealth”, and while I intend that to be flipping, I might need to start with some wholesaling as I don’t know the deal flow in the area yet. If you have some insight please let me know!

So here’s yesterdays break down after 9 hours at the property:

  1. Seal Bathroom grout
  2. DONE! Nailed it!

  3. Vinyl Tile – Master Bathroom
  4. And… I even sealed it!

  5. Vinyl Tile – Second Bathroom
  6. Yes, but needs to be sealed!

  7. Vinyl Tile – Washer/Dryer Area
  8. Nope, I did not have enough of the tiles so I’ll be getting a vinyl sheet.

  9. Seal Tub
  10. YAH! I’m not very good at applying silicone grout.

  11. Put on Rubber Bumper
  12. Nope, this one got behind.

  13. Paint Door
  14. I painted 3 of ’em! Hahaha!

  15. New Door Handles
  16. Toilet Seats
  17. Put Outlet Covers on
  18. Clean Up apartment
  19. Man, I was pretty ambitious yesterday. These last 4 did not get done. It is what’s left to do.

  20. Email Prospective Property Manager
  21. Sure Did. Got a quick response. Which was fantastic! I’m thinking of picking up a Section 8 tenant or two, so we are talking more about that.

  22. Email Kacy – only once today
  23. I did not do this.

Other things that happened today, replied to the email I received about the multiples, telling him, that I wouldn’t do the deal, he needs to pull the trigger and we could work the numbers, and if they work out we can JV on them.

Got a text from a long time friend asking if I was actively working any apartment deals, unfortunately not. But I followed up with him later and asked who it was and what the situation was. So I might have a lead on some Private Money/JV partners for things coming up. That’s pretty exciting.

  1. Put on Rubber Bumper
  2. Paint Door
  3. New Door Handles
  4. Toilet Seats
  5. Put Outlet Covers on
  6. Ceiling Popcorn!
  7. Clean Up apartment
  8. Vinyl Floor under W/D
  9. Paint 2 closets
  10. Pack up and Move!

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