Recap — Jan LVREIC


First off, if you ever get the chance to listen to Robert Shemin, I strongly suggest it.  He did the typical Guru, bait and hook but he did throw out quite a few actionable items for the club in the first couple hours.  I wish I had been able to stay through the event.  There was not a lot of a chance to network this last session, so unfortunately I do not have any neat little charts to represent the breakdown of investors this last weekend. 

Shemin had quite a few interesting things to say.  Obviously I don’t agree with everything that he talked about during his seminar.  A couple of things he said was:  A Deal is a Deal wherever it is.  With the caveat — Local Expertise.  While you hear the mantra, “All Real Estate is Local” all the time, commercial investors know that to find the best deals you need to be across the entire country.  It may be easier to start local and really understand deals when they are in your backyard.  And it’s probably easier to find deals in your backyard. But once your systems are developed you can do it anywhere in the country!

Self-help.  Shemin talks about some self-help this and that blah blah blah.  But then I got thinking more about it, when I saw some posts from some of the more active investors on  If everyone seems to talk about the same thing, learning about the way your mind works and the way to change your everyday thinking, I feel like it might be time to look into it.  But instead of self-help, I will refer to it as Self-Discovery and Personal-Development.

One of the things that we discussed was that there are no good wholesalers or birddogs here in Vegas!  Let me rephrase that, there are none that are attached to the LVREIC.  A quick search of Craigslist provides two phone numbers and two websites:


I’ve seen some Bandit Signs around, but they seem are in the wrong neighborhoods to find investors.  And never Big Enough!  Of course I work most weekends so I might actually be missing a lot of the thur-mon posters that keep running from Code.  A quick Google search for “I Buy Houses” +”Las Vegas” gives us no organic results, and only paid for advertisements:





There is some opportunity in this space to create a cash flowing business if we can build a marketing system and a pipeline of properties that are at the right price.  Of course I don’t have much if any time left in my week to allow me to follow-up on this.  But I’m trying to piece together a plan that will allow for me to bring a team together to build this pipeline.  There are a couple of Wholesalers/Birddogs that have been at the LVREIC meetings that I think are going to have the right mentality/personality to become a team.  I’ll dub them Beans and BJ.  After I get through tonight’s meeting I’ll start pulling together a business/marketing plan, and see if I can bring the two of these people together for a meeting and seeing if we can move forward.


All in all it was a very eye-opening and interesting meeting.

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