Rehabbing Arlene

I shot the sheriff, but I forgot about the deputy..

I’ve got to stick to my guns, I tell yah!  I knew going into this rehab project with Arlene that it was going to take longer than my partner was anticipating.  Our handyman who is working with us is flying along getting all the mechanical/electrical this and that done around the four units.  But it is taking us forever to paint the units!  Forever I tell you!

Unit #4 for instance, each room took 2 coats of paint, the trim took 2 coats of paint.  The bathroom which was a horrible dark ugly blue took 3 coats of the semi gloss paint.  And the kitchen took two coats.  Now, should we have put up the money for the primer/paint in one.  Yes.  Definitely.  That would have helped a bit.

Going into the painting project I was dead set on purchasing a painting station, with the power roller and power sprayer so that we could speed up the painting process.  I however did not stick to my guns like I should have.  The handyman let us know that paint sprayers are mostly used on the outside or in projects where the flooring is going to be removed, or the argument was; “It takes a lot more prep work to get a room ready!”

Painting Station

“DING! DING!”  The bells should have been a deafening sound in my ears at that point.  Sure the PREP work is going to take longer, but there’s no way it that it takes longer then the gross amount of time we are wasting painting by hand.  We have completed two units when it has come to the painting.  And we started work on the 2nd.  That’s 3.5 days per unit.  Keep in mind however that these were the ones with the darkest colors on the walls, and the most bizarre color schemes.  The other two units are mostly already white.

I despise painting.  It’s not a fun hobby or past-time for me.  In fact I told the partner, I’m only doing this once.  I am never going to get hands on and paint units again.  One time for the experience, that’s it.  But for all the negativity of having to do back-breaking work this last week, positive has come out of the woodwork.  We’ve had three or four people who’ve come by to see what we were up to, want to talk about leasing the units!  We could potentially have the unit in cash flow status by the beginning of the month!  That would be pretty sweet.  If we can get Arlene rented, and Hopkins stabilized, then we can finish up Zavala and have our 12 units rented.

So tell me in the comments; If you paint your own units?  Do you use a paint station?  Or do you roller by hand?  How do your contractors do it?


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