Seminars – Dave Lindhal C3PS (Review) – Updated

Here I am sitting at the Dave Lindhal free C3PS Seminar.  I understood I was going to be sold on a lot of things, but honestly?  Here we are being sold ONLINEAUCTION Learning Center (An eBay seller!)  I’m not sure how this is relevant to purchasing Apartments.  Oh!  There it is, list properties on eBay, and build a buyers list!  But to sell property on eBay you need to have established feedback, ratings, and all that great stuff.  What better way than to sign up with this guy, who is “Dave’s Cousin!”

Again, I don’t mind being upsold at a free seminar, and in fact I didn’t expect to learn anything of relevance, my plan was to meet some other investors who aren’t on the LV REI club circuit, and maybe even someone who might be interested in our Portfolio.  But eBay reselling programs?  You’ve got be kidding me.  I used to have a lot of Respect for the Lindhal program because the books were well written, and had some good information in them.  In fact his books were some of the ones that got me truly rolling down my path to real estate wealth.

To maintain integrity and build your business you need to stay relevant and keep up to date on the markets.  Yesterdays portion of the seminar had some nuggets in it.  Not anything mind-blowing.  And then the big reveal, the C3PS system is a Wholesaling -> Lease Option-> Apartments program.  We spent a lot of time talking about wholesaling, which to me was odd for a Multi-Family Guru!  And not wholesaling small MFH, but flipping SFH!  RELEVANCE!  eBay reselling is not relevant to real estate investing.  And I had just paid the $2499 yesterday for the program, I’d probably be a little pissed about coming back today.  In fact if I had spent any amount of cash on anything being sold again on this crap?  Come on.

If there hadn’t been 2 investors attending the seminar I would have been very, very, very disappointed.  Meeting these two investors could be the cornerstone to growing into a large commercial portfolio.  Why were they here? I’m not sure why.  But here they were.

You don’t talk about the testimonial about the lady who was a seminar junkie and couldn’t get real estate done! Went to all the seminars and couldn’t find a deal. But boy she did after signing up for your system! Dissing on the program I may have bought yesterday? Ugh and he keeps doing it!

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