Sept 3rd — To Do List

To Do List

  1. Meet with K.N. for lunch
    1. K.N. is a member of team of flippers in the Seattle Market and they out network me, which is pretty amazing, but I’ve never had the opportunity to sit down with K.N. for lunch.
  2. Meet with T&D
    1. T&D are another set of flippers in the Seattle Market, but they are interested in moving up into apartment complexes and are interested in hearing more about the Spokane Apartments.
  3. Study for my Home Inspection Test
  4. Process Everett Multifamily (Yesterday’s List)
    1. One of the brokers I have met, sent me a property listing, I browsed it quickly but need to spend some time to dig into the numbers and get back to the broker about my thoughts on the property and decide if it is something that I am going to dedicate more time to look into.
    2. Yesterday when I got home from Toastmasters and Meeting the R.C. I was pretty exhausted and was preparing for my Accountability Group meeting.  I’m hoping to fire these numbers into a spreadsheet today.
    1. Work on the WHY? (Yesterday’s List)
      1. Through conversations with a friend of mine, I’ve come to realize I didn’t have a big WHY any more, a cornerstone reason that I have been lost in trying to make decisions and really pursuing my future.  I’ve made strides, but instead of being a focused determined march, it’s been a lackadaisical Sunday saunter. 2am discussions have finally helped me find the next WHY to bring focus to my days, and my business dealings.
      2. I’ve got 10x scheduled to arrive at the house today, I know I should have read it sooner, but better late than never.  This will help me define my WHY and bring focus to my activities.


Yesterdays Accomplishments:

  1. Toastmasters Speech, Specialty Speeches #1 – Give an impromptu speech.
    1. Completed
  2. Get a Due Diligence Extension on the Spokane Apartments
    1. Sent to Broker
  3. Meet with R.C.
    1. Completed
  4. Schedule my Home Inspection Test
    1. Completed
  5. Accountability Group Meeting
    1. Completed
  6. Email T.W.
    1. Completed
  7. Process Everett Multifamily.
    1. Uncompleted
  8. Work on the WHY?
    1. Uncompleted

Other items Completed Yesterday:

  1. Talked to JJ, a potential partner in the Spokane Apartments
  2. Talked to MH a syndicator whom I am getting advice from for the Spokane Apartments
  3. Got an offer on Arlene from the next door owner, it was a slap in the face, but hey at least it was an offer.

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