September 16th: Accountability and Action List


  1. Toastmasters Meeting
  2. Accountability Meeting
  3. Schedule Home Inspector Test for 1:30 on Thursday
    1. Kicked the Can down the Road Again. I realized I already have a ton to do on Thursday and decided to change the testing to Friday.
    2. I am not taking Action on this and have to start doing so.
  4. Study for Home Inspector Test
  5. Email GJ Spokane Information
  6. Email T&D Spokane Information
  7. Read 50 pages of the 10X
  8. Talk to RSch today about some idea
  9. Email PacificNW Real Estate committee members about vendors


Previously Completed Work:

  1. Study for Home Inspector Test
    1. Completed
  2. Email GJ Spokane Information
    1. Uncompleted
  3. Email T&D Spokane Information
    1. Uncompleted
  4. Read 50 pages of the 10X
    1. Completed
  5. Prepare a 1-Page Spokane Apartment Highlight for Thursdays REAPS Meeting
    1. Completed

Other Actions Taken yesterday:

  1. Updated Spokane Apartment Proposal
    1. As part of my ongoing embracing of 10X lifestyle, I realized I was making I was under-promising so that it would be easier to over-deliver.  But like Grant Cardone says, if you are trying to achieve extraordinary results, you have to push yourself by setting your goals.  So everywhere I was padding my numbers I had to go back and un-pad them to the real numbers.


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