September 18th: Actions and Accountability


  1. Study, and Take Home Inspector Test


Yesterdays Actions:

  1. Meet with CG
    1. Completed
  2. REAPS Main Monthly Meeting
    1. Wow, I was a week off and blew off another meeting. Nothing quite as embarrassing as being somewhere where you aren’t supposed to be for a week.
  3. Make Copies of Spokane Proposal
    1. Completed
  4. Make Copies of Spokane 1 Page Offering
    1. Completed
  5. Read 50 pages of the 10X
    1. Incomplete
  6. Talk to RSch
    1. Completed
  7. Email Emm
    1. Completed
  8. Email Accountability Group Member
    1. Completed
  9. Study for Home Inspector Test
    1. Completed

Other Actions Completed Yesterday:

  1. Received a cash quick close offer on Arlene
  2. Counter-offered on the Offer
  3. Signed Contract to Sell Arlene in 7-days.

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