September 22nd: Actions and Accountability


With Friday’s accomplishments I now have a whole mess of new actions that I need to begin focusing on as I start getting my new business of the ground.  But as Grant Cardone, says, success takes massive action!

  1. Work on WHI Website (Ongoing)
  2. Read more 10X  (Ongoing)
  3. Email MHbow
    1. Should be an easy email
  4. Reply to RdA
  5. Confirm All Documents Received from Sellers
  6. Prepare for Toastmasters Speech Tomorrow

Yesterday’s Actions:

  1. Fill out WHI Application
    1. Completed
  2. Visit the bank:
    1. Money Order For Application
      1. Completed
    2. Set-up a Merchant Account
      1. Completed
  3. Mail WHI Application.
    1. Completed
  4. Read More 10X
    1. Completed
  5. Begin Construction of WHI Website. (Ongoing)
    1. Completed.
  6. Email MHbow
    1. Not Completed
  7. Confirm I’ve received all required documents from Sellers.
    1. Not Completed

Other Actions Completed Yesterday:

  1. Received Current Leases on Spokane Apartments
  2. Received an Email and offer from RdA to host a Pacific NW Real Estate Meetup at a pretty premier location

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