September 23rd: Actions and Accountability


  1. Work on WHI Website (Ongoing)
    1. Yesterday I did a ton of research and manipulation of the website, targeting a LOCAL SEO strategy, and figuring out how to rise to the top of organic searches.
  2. Read more 10X  (Ongoing)
  3. Work on Business Planning for WHI
    1. Marketing Strategy
  4. Give Toastmasters Speech
  5. Accountability Group Meeting

Yesterday’s Actions:

  • Email MHbow
    1. Completed
  • Reply to RdA
    • Completed
  • Confirm All Documents Received from Sellers
    • Incomplete
  • Prepare for Toastmasters Speech Tomorrow
    • Semi-Prepared


Other Actions Completed Yesterday:

  1. Received an Email from VH about strategy about the Spokane Apartments

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