September 2nd – To Do

  1. Toastmasters Speech, Specialty Speeches #1 – Give an impromptu speech.
    1. In an effort to become a better communicator I’ve progressed through the beginning stages of the ToastMaster program getting my Competent Communicator award, and now I am focusing on learning skills to help me communicate better as a business person, in different scenarios and making it easier for me to network, and make connections.
  2. Get a Due Diligence Extension on the Spokane Apartments
    1. The Sellers have still not sent over all the proper paperwork and I need to make sure that the Due Diligence or Feasibility Period is extended so that my deposit doesn’t go hard while I wait for vital information on this property.
  3. Meet with R.C.
    1. R.C. and I met at a REIA meeting a couple of months ago.  This dude is really smart, he’s made his bones and instead of trying to build more wealth, he’s moved into the lending arena, and making the truest sense of passive income.  He and I have met for lunch once, and we communicate by email every so often.  I look forward to meeting with him again today.
  4. Schedule my Home Inspection Test
    1. I decided when I moved back to Seattle that I wanted to start my business and I wanted it to be Real Estate oriented, without having to be an Agent.  Having used Home Inspectors in the past, I knew what it entailed and having had looked at a significant amount of properties I thought I’d be good at it.  So I’ve studied and  am doing what it takes to get the license in Washington State, and the next step of that is to take the test.
  5. Accountability Group Meeting
    1. In an effort to help keep myself focused and on the right path I’ve brought together a couple of friends to have a weekly Accountability Group where we check last weeks progress, and talk about what we need to accomplish in the coming week and be able to talk about getting things done.
  6. Email T.W.
    1. I met T.W. at a REIA meeting where we were talking about Multifamily Apartment buildings, and we had a back and forth about the Spokane Apartments buildings.   This morning I received and email, checking back in with me.
  7. Process Everett Multifamily.
    1. One of the brokers I have met, sent me a property listing, I browsed it quickly but need to spend some time to dig into the numbers and get back to the broker about my thoughts on the property and decide if it is something that I am going to dedicate more time to look into.
  8. Work on the WHY?
    1. Through conversations with a friend of mine, I’ve come to realize I didn’t have a big WHY any more, a cornerstone reason that I have been lost in trying to make decisions and really pursuing my future.  I’ve made strides, but instead of being a focused determined march, it’s been a lackadaisical Sunday saunter. 2am discussions have finally helped me find the next WHY to bring focus to my days, and my business dealings.

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