September 8th: Action and Accountability


  1. Contact GJ
    1. I met GJ at the meetup that I hosted on Friday night, it was a great meeting, he sent me an email the other day and suggested that we get together.
  2. Attend Passive Investing Meetup
    1. I found this meetup on, there are a bunch of pretty big hard hitters who attend this meetup, I think it’s time that I headed over there to find out what’s actually, happening.
  3. Process MF Properties I’ve received over the long weekend.
  4. Read 50+ pages of The 10X.
  5. Study and Prepare for my next Home Inspector Test.
  6. Process Everett Multifamily (Fridays’s List)
    1. One of the brokers I have met, sent me a property listing, I browsed it quickly but need to spend some time to dig into the numbers and get back to the broker about my thoughts on the property and decide if it is something that I am going to dedicate more time to look into.
    2. Yesterday when I got home from Toastmasters and Meeting the R.C. I was pretty exhausted and was preparing for my Accountability Group meeting.  I’m hoping to fire these numbers into a spreadsheet today.
    3. This has turned into a low priority topic, I might print out some of the details of this and take it with me to the Radio Show to process it while we are on the air.
    4. Friday was a busy day, and I didn’t get a chance to break away to do any analysis.
  7. Work on the WHY? (Fridays’s List)
    1. Through conversations with a friend of mine, I’ve come to realize I didn’t have a big WHY any more, a cornerstone reason that I have been lost in trying to make decisions and really pursuing my future.  I’ve made strides, but instead of being a focused determined march, it’s been a lackadaisical Sunday saunter. 2am discussions have finally helped me find the next WHY to bring focus to my days, and my business dealings.
    2. I’ve got The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure scheduled to arrive at the house today, I know I should have read it sooner, but better late than never.  This will help me define my WHY and bring focus to my activities.
    3. As a long range planning strategy, it has fallen by the wayside as I focus on smaller day-to-day issues this week, which violates all kinds of 4Hour Work Week and E-Myth protocols, but it’s still on the to-do list and should be completed soon.
    4. I continue to think, and process my WHY, I just need to get it down in writing.
  8. Start work on a Contractor Bid Blog Post (Fridays’s List)
    1. Friday was a busy day, and I took the long weekend off to build the mindset of “going to work” and rebuilding my daily routines.


Previous Actions:

  1. Participate in Radio Talk Show about Real Estate
    1. Completed.  Wow, what a great experience.  Apparently the others thought I was nervous, but I didn’t feel that way, I guess I didn’t bring the gusto that I bring to the meetups.
  2. Take Home Inspection Certification Test
    1. Completed.
  3. Host PacificNW Real Estate Meetup group
    1. Completed. What an awesome experience this was.  For more information: BP Follow Up Post

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