South Seattle Wholesaling Campaign

In November I partnered up with one of the Members of my PacificNW Real Estate Meetup group, to start a wholesaling campaign.  Here’s what we agreed to:

  1. Troy does the Physical Work
  2. KC answers the Phones
  3. $50/wk spend on letters or 100 Letters/wk
  4. List:
    1. 50%+ Equity
    2. Time in Home +10years

When we first agreed to it, we determined we were going to drive the farm area to get a good idea of the type of properties and the lay of the land.  Fortunately my Partner KC lives in the area and is fairly aware of where prices can change quickly.  As part of our driving the farm area we started a Drive for Dollars list to start our letter campaigns.  We pulled our list the same night and were almost ready to get going with the project!  Pull the trigger and take action.

I setup my account to have a couple of phone numbers for the wholesaling campaign, and started working on the letters.  My first plan had been to start mailing right away but with the three holiday weeks from when we started driving until last week, it just wasn’t feasible.

We have two sets of mailings go out (200 letters!) and have received 2 phone calls.

The first we didn’t get to and when we tried to call back we got voice-mail.

The second we caught because I setup the call flow of our numbers to ring for 20 seconds on KC’s phone, and then 15 seconds on my phone, and then to voice-mail.

I’ve been in contact with the potential seller about the property in question and have finally got a MAO set, and will be calling to make that offer sometime today.

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