Suprise Email, Scrambling owners!

Just when we though we were going to turn a corner on our epic fail at property management, and have our trusted Mr. Realtor, become the Property Management Guy!  That was the plan rolling into the new year. That dream vanished in the opening statement of the email received yesterday:

Also I have decided to only focus on managing Single Family homes and will not deal
with multi family.

Well, seems like we are going to be stuck with Mr Property Manager for a little while longer.  Seeing as how the Arlene and Zavala properties are still mostly vacant we aren’t too terribly worried about it.  I mean he is collecting most of the rent, and dealing with phone calls.  And it’s not like we are in a rush to get the last unit rehabbed.  So for the meantime till my partner comes out for a week at the end of the year,  I’ll continue to ‘manage’ the empty properties.

What’s the plan you ask?  Our ultimate plan is to have the properties set up to be sub-leased, instead of rented.  If we get to that point then there’s no reason for us to have a property manager, the Leasee will be the one in charge of all the property management stuff.  Until we get there, we might be hobbled by Mr Property Manager but we’ll survive.

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