Week in review: Feb. 11th.

  • Monday — read a blog article where the author talked about investing in an area where I have thought about investing in. It inspired me that there is a market there where property is cheap and cash flow is great.
  • Tuesday Morning — received an email from Mr. Property Manager seems we got our year end financials. And then some mixed news; he’s no longer going to be in property management.
  • Tuesday Afternoon — received an email from the Partner seems the new property managers want out of the deal. We are still not sure if it was because they are not really ready to deal with multiplexes or if there is something else…
  • Tuesday Night — received partial rent monies from the Drama Queen.
  •  Wednesday — call with Partner.  Seems that one of the people that worked with us on the Arlene property wants to move in.  Of course this is going to happen while we are trying figure out our property manager situation.  Our first step was to find out who was going to be running our properties, and then deal with the potential tenant.
  •  Thursday — received an email from another investor in regards to a motel deal.  This one had some information on the numbers.  I asked a contact of mine what questions I should be mindful of when discussing this deal. Set up a conference call for Friday morning.
  • Friday — Conference Call.
  • Saturday — Las Vegas Real Estate Insiders Club meeting

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