Welcome to MyPathToRealEstateWealth

This blog is going to detail the path that I am taking to develop my real estate wealth. The ups, the downs, the victories, the defeats. As events occur I will write a post about those events. Not only will this allow other people to watch the path I have taken, and learn from some of my mistakes, but it’ll give me a log of the things I have done.

You’ll get mostly-full disclosure:

  • I’ll refer to properties by their street and not their full address
  • Tenants names will be redacted
  • Vendors/Team-Members will be referred to by last name, or business name
  • Monthly Financials will be posted (but they will be delayed)

Lankia, Llc’s Mission Statement: To execute a 5 year buy and hold strategy when purchasing properties, where the purchase price allows cost including debt servicing to be below 50% occupancy.

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