Wholesaling Campaign Update

My original plan was to break up my 1600+ leads into four separate mailings, and change the medium on half the mailings and change the message on the second half.  So it would look something like this:

Postcard Yellow-Letter
We Buy Week 1 Week 2
We $$$Buy$$$ Week 3 Week 4

As I got started on cleaning up my list I found that there was a significant amount of Trust’s and LLC’s that were holding property in my farm area.  So I decided to go with a 5 week mailing cycle with the Trusts and LLC’s going out on the same week but with different messaging.

The first mailing went out last week on the same day that Michael Quarles from Yellowletters.com was talking at one of the San Jose meetups.  I was looking forward to a 1% lead generation and was therefore expecting to receive ~3 phone calls in response to my mailing.  How many did I actually receive?  0!

Here’s the postcard that went out:

postcardSeems to me that it was pretty clean and straight forward.  I’m wondering though if part of my problem is that since I am targeting homes in a place where the median home price is $700k, if I need to go with something other than the “yellow letter” post-card.  I wonder if I need to go with something more “Realtor” like that’s flashy and glossy?

It also bothered me that with this post card template that both sides of the post card was busy with text.  That may have been a mistake also. Personally I have a hard time not getting distracted by that whole “analysis paralysis” mentality and to avoid that coming into play with this campaign, I just used the template and did the same text on both sides of the postcard.  I will file that under thoughts to consider next month.

I was supposed to be in Chicago this week looking at property out there with some partners, but the had a blizzard!  The trending hashtag for it was #ChiBeria.

[cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”1/3″]

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[/cryout-column] [/cryout-multi]

So we decided that we were not going to make a go of it this week.  To make a First Yellow Lettershort story long, because of this planned trip out to Chicago, I did not schedule a second round of mailers to go out this week.  And instead decided to send the mailers out next week.  The are Yellow Letters this time, with the same message.

You’ll notice that I forgot to get the bullet points from the post card.  So, it actually is a different message. Again, a flaw in the fact that I am trying to execute more often than I spend trying to get things right.   It’s a year of action and learning, and that means I have to make these sacrifices while I retrain myself to not over think things and just get ‘er done.

Take-Away Thoughts

  1. Post Cards
    1. Different “cleaner” message on the ‘Postage’ side
    2. A Cleaner more professional Realtor Branding with the Post Cards
  2. Yellow Letter
    1. Don’t forget the bullet Items
      1. No Commission
      2. No Costs
      3. Sell As-Is
      4. Cash!
    2. It has way open “white space” then the postcards
  3. Messaging
    1. I took out the proscribed $$$ BUY $$$ from the templates because I thought that it might hit the wrong cord with the demographic I am mailing too.  I wonder if I can try to find some marketing linguistics that are more relevant to the demographic that I am targeting.

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