Zavala: Remodel – Painting the Unit

So, I have elected to move into the worse unit in the Zavala property while doing the rehab work on it.  I figure I don’t have a lot of experience with these kinds of things, and its important for me to learn them so that I can manage the processes better.

I also have this grand idea that I am a great DIY’er.  The fact of the matter is I like the idea of me being one, but the reality is much different.

My first project: paint the apartment. The walls were disgusting! Marked up, dirty dingy and a nasty puke green.  So I went to the local Home Depot and bought all the painting supplies.  I was going to get a sprayer, because I knew it would eat up my whole day if  used a roller.  But at almost $200 I figured the cost was too high for a one time shot.  I mostly regret that thought process now.  Saving the $200

cost me about 10 hrs of labor.  So in essence I devalued my personal time by $20/hr.  And, for sure, the job was far from professional.  It looks 110% better than it did, but you can tell the difference between professional and a DIY’er that got sloppy.  Fortunately for me I had a smart moment and recorded the codes for the paint so a pro can finish the job.

Painting The Apartment

Home Depot run! 5 Gallons of paint, one mini-roller, one large roller, one brush, one corner brush, two-floor plastics, a bunch of painters tape, roller extension pole, step-ladder, two roller pans, shoe booties, ventilation masks, vinyl gloves; ~$500!  Ooof.  But that’s one reason I am learning to do this, at retail, if you have to buy the supplies you are looking at a supply line of around $500 for 1 apartment you are getting ripped off.  It better be cheaper than that amount.

Timing the job was an interesting task.  Removing face plates, doors, and all the pieces off the wall took about an hour.  Taping up just the bedroom took nearly an hour!  Of course there was a learning curve there.  I had to learn how to apply the tape without ripping it to shreds, and there’s definitely a labor cost saving in using one of those tape applicator!  Spackle!  I love spackle. It’s an amazing substance.  Here’s a lesson for you though, definitely get the sand paper to give your rollers some traction so that you don’t get the ‘patch’ look.

It got much easier as I moved forward with the painting project but I also got bored with being so meticulous with the edges.  I got bored basically.  Now when I look up at the ceiling I can see where I didn’t tape and the blue is on the white popcorn!  Lesson learned, that I need to break my tasks down to about 4 hours max.  That seems to be my attention span on not being sloppy with my DIY projects.

What Did I learn?

  • Repainting should cost ~$300 for supplies, paint being the most costly, decent putty the second, and then a lot of incidentals.
  • Time a one man crew can paint a bedroom, living room, and dining room in about 6 hrs.
  • I have ~4hr attention span when it comes to DIY


Here’s whats left with this remodel project:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Kitchen Counter
  • Ceiling paint
  • Flooring
  • Blinds


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